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Monday, November 25, 2013

In our last visit we focused on the freedom we experience when we trust in Jesus Christ. Paul amplifies this truth by referring to the experience of Isaac, Abraham’s son by Sarah, in contrast to Ishmael, Abraham’s son by Hagar (Galatians 4:21-31).  

Sarah, Abraham’s true wife, according to God’s promise, bore Isaac. Hagar bore Ishmael as the result of human impatience and rationalization. These two sons of Abraham figuratively represent two covenants: one represents human planning, the other heavenly planning. God’s heavenly plan was expressed in the form of a promise and led to freedom for those who believed in the promise. Abraham’s human plan led to slavery. 
Everyone who has not by faith experienced salvation is represented by Ishmael and finds themselves unfulfilled and frustrated as slaves to sin. Those who have experienced salvation by placing faith in Jesus Christ are represented by Isaac and are free to be and become all God promised. Faith in Jesus Christ frees us from the failure and guilt of always coming up short of the requirements of the law. It frees us to experience the acceptance of a loving God based on the merits of His Son and His sacrifice. 
Paul was aware of how easy it is to slip from freedom into slavery, especially when we at times fail in our walk. In fact he was often challenged on this issue. In Galatians 2:4 he writes, “false brothers had infiltrated our ranks to spy on the freedom we have in Christ Jesus and to make us slaves.” This danger is always present, but we need to stand firm in our freedom by faith.

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