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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I encouraged you in our last visit to compare the priestly blessing in Numbers 6:24-26 with the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:10. I did this because it seems to me the prayer of Jabez was based on what you find in the priestly blessing. Let me show you what I mean. 

The first request in the prayer of Jabez is, “Oh, that you would bless me.” The priestly blessing begins with, “The Lord bless you.” 
The second request of Jabez was, “enlarge my territory.” To have the Lord make His face shine upon you and turn His face toward you seem to convey His desire to prosper you spiritually or otherwise. 
Jabez’s third request was, “Let your hand be with me.” In the priestly blessing the Lord promises to be gracious to you. I was reminded of the phrase, “The gracious hand of my God was upon me,” in Ezra and Nehemiah’s testimonies recorded in their books. 
The final request of Jabez was, “Keep me from harm.” That could be translated, “Keep me from evil.” In the priestly blessing God promises to “Keep you.” 
The prayer of Jabez is not a direct quote of the priestly blessing with the additional request, “Make this blessing a reality in my life.” Rather, his prayer was the intent of the priestly blessing put in his own words to reflect his unique situation. I believe this is why God granted his request. 
Being inspired by God’s Word to believe that God will make His word experientially real in your life is what true prayer is all about. It would be mere wishful thinking if you only expressed your desire. But if your desire grows out of what God says in His Word, then God will hear, answer and honor you.

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