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Monday, August 26, 2013

As we studied the life of King Solomon I didn’t take time to focus on his prayer of dedication after he finished building the temple for God. I believe we can learn much from it to enhance our own prayer life. When we’ve done this I would like to also look at Daniel’s prayers in Daniel 9 & 10 and what is known as the Lord’s Prayer.  

In these prayers it’s clear they were inspired by and based on scripture. They affirm profound truth about who God is and something about His nature and character.
In the Old Testament prayers there is a clear understanding that the ones praying and the ones they represent need forgiveness from a holy and loving God and that repentance is essential if forgiveness is to be granted.
Both present their appeal to God on promises He had made. There is an implicit honesty about the heart condition of the one praying, what he knows about God, what he knows he and his people deserve, and what he knows they can experience if they come to God in a proper way.
Let me encourage you to read Solomon’s dedicatory prayer after he built the magnificent temple for his God. You’ll find the prayer in 2 Chronicles 6:14-42.
As you read it a few times do an inductive study by asking yourself, what is said in this prayer? what does it mean? and what difference should this make in my life? What practical applications can I make to my prayer life based on what I learn? I will suggest some answers to these questions in our next few visits.

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