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Thursday, October 09, 2008

While reading the book of Titus I noticed Paul had a recurring theme running throughout the book. That theme is “doing what is good.” It is mentioned 8 times in these three chapters. 

Reflecting on each reference to this theme I came up with four main points that cover what Paul said. 
1. some are unfit to do anything good. 
2. God wants us to be ready to do what is good. 
3. God’s ultimate objective is that we are eager to do what is good. 
4. We need to teach other believers what is good and how to do it. 
Chapter 1 concludes with Paul saying unbelievers are unfit for doing anything good. This is why Paul said all his good deeds before he was a Christian believer amounted to nothing more than a heap of rubbish. The prophet Isaiah said the same thing. God, however, wants us to do what is good. How can we be ready to do what is good. 
First, we need to believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior. Then we need to learn how to devote ourselves to doing what is good. For that we need mature believers to teach us: older women teaching younger women and mature men teaching younger men, primarily by example. 
Once we learn how, we need to devote ourselves to doing what is good as a way of life. The more “doing what is good” becomes a way of life you will find yourself eager to do what is good. In fact, you will begin loving to do what is good. That, in fact, is the level of growth that is one of the requirements for being an Elder in the church.
In our next visit we’ll share some thoughts about teaching others what is good and how to do it.

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