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Thursday, September 18, 2008

As I mentioned in my last visit let’s study Paul’s prayer in chapter 1 verses 3-12. 

In verses 3-8 Paul lists all the things that are true in the experience of the Colossian Christians for which he is thankful to God: their faith, love, hope, spiritual growth, fruit and their willingness to send one of their own to help Paul in his ministry. 
In verses 9-12 he shares what he is praying for them. It’s as though Paul reflects with thanksgiving on all God has already done and uses those reflections as a faith-builder. Then he trusts God to do the things still lacking in their lives. That’s something to keep in mind as you go to prayer – take time to thank God for what He’s already done. It will build your faith. 
Then notice what Paul prayed for beginning with verse 9, that they would be filled with the knowledge of God’s will. Verse 10, that they would live in accordance with what they know to be God’s will. Verse 11, that they would depend upon God’s glorious might as they seek to obey His will. And in verse 12, that they would joyfully thank God for what He enables them to do. 
I see this as a cycle of growth to be repeated over and over.  As God enables you to obey what He has identified as His will, and you thank Him for it, He will show you more of His will. As you obey, depending upon His power, you will succeed. As you give thanks, the cycle of growth continues. It is a converging cycle drawing you closer and closer to God. 
Remember this cycle for your own growth: know, do, depend and thank. Then pray that other Christians might experience this cycle of growth in their lives as well.

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