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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In our last visit we began a topical study of “Joy” as found in the book of Philippians. First, we collected all the references on the topic and wrote down what we found about the topic. Then we correlated this information into an outline. 

I came up with three points: Joy through fellowship, joy through service, and joy through worship. The title could be: You can find true joy! Based on this outline I then crystallized the material into the following applications. 
1. Christian joy is found through participating with God in the developing of other lives and in creating and cultivating relationships that are mutually supportive.
2. I can bring joy to others by sharing what God is doing in my life. 
3. I can contribute to creating an atmosphere of joy by living in harmony with fellow Christians. 
4. I should rejoice if Christ is preached even if I question the motives of some doing the preaching. 
5. I need to work at meditating on the person of Christ. Even if I don’t seem to have any other reason to rejoice, I do have reason to rejoice because I know Him. 
Now, in review let me again point out, to do a topical study you need to collect information about the topic. You can limit your source to just one book as we have in this study or you could do a more extensive study by using a concordance and listing all the references in the Bible. Then correlate this information into an outline. Finally, crystallize what you have learned into some conclusions or applications showing how the topic relates to and can be applied to your life experience.

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