Update for late Summer, ’23

September 17th, 2023
I finally feel like I have my medical team in place down here in North Carolina. I’ve met with all of them face to face and have a good handle on where I’m at physically. After all the tests and treatments, I think I’m ready to celebrate my next birthday in a few days, feeling better than expected at my age.
The radio ministry continues. I just finished reprinting two of my books that were first published 60 years ago: Walking as He Walked, and Hindrances and Helps to Christian Living. If you’re interested in getting a copy let me know. Here in my new environment, I’ve been praying about possibly doing a Vesper service, once a month for the rest of the year to see if that might be something God would want me to do. There is interest on the part of some of the residents here. We’ve set the first date to be September 24. Please pray for God’s guidance and blessing.
I flew to GA to visit Debbie’s family. Then on September 28th I will fly to Chicago to spend a few days with Greg and Jeff’s families. From there Greg and I will fly to Vancouver, Canada, to visit with my family and friends. I’m scheduled to speak at a Sr’s luncheon in the church where I grew up. From there I’ll fly back to my new home in NC.
I sure do appreciate your faithful prayer support.

Let me set the stage for this serendipitous encounter. MM Mathew, a teacher from India, took his family to Africa where they pay teachers better. Things were going well until there was a political uprising in the country. Being threatened they fled for their safety. Along the way a Catholic priest gave him a Bible. On their second f city to wait out the storm, but eventually had to fly back to Bombay. On that flight I got into a conversation with MM. He shared how frustrating and tiring the trip had been. Gradually our conversation turned to spiritual matters. Before landing we talked about getting together for some coffee after we got settled into a hotel. That didn’t happen because we were assigned different hotels. The next morning, I tried finding a direct flight to Sri Lanka where I was scheduled to go, but to no avail. So, I finally got on the repeat flight to Trivandrum. As soon as we got airborne, I walked the isle looking for him. When his wife saw me, she said, “My husband was looking all over the airport for you.” Then I noticed him on the other isle. I said to him, “I’ll come over to you after the meal” they were beginning to serve. When I got there, he put his young son on his lap, and we continued the conversation. I was able to share the gospel with him and as we were descending, I asked him if he would like to pray and ask Jesus to be his Savior. He responded, “YES!” We prayed just before the plane landed. What an amazing network of obstacles and flights and seeming setbacks before we ended up sitting together. While the plane was taxiing, I got his address. When they exited, they had relatives waiting for them. Then it was over…but not really. I had a great visit and ministry in Sri Lanka. When I got home, I wrote to him, and some months later got a response. He was back in Africa teaching. Shortly after getting back, he started looking for other Christians so they might pray together. That led to a small Bible study group. Gradually he began growing and wanting to get a better understanding of the Bible. I’ll pick up the rest of this serendipitous encounter in my next Update.