Update from Lud, July ’23

July 25th, 2023
After my recent trips I’m again settling in to my new normal. It was great to see family and friends in Chicago, and then the full schedule of meeting with as many as I could while in the Chagrin Falls area. Then over the 4th weekend I got to see all of Tammi’s family – they now are half of our family. And in a few days I’m expecting another great grandchild, a boy! My, my! How God has blessed, and continues to bless (Psalm 127). Because of your prayers, rejoice with me.
God also answered prayer in the ministry I continue to have. The other day I had the privilege of teaching the Bible at a weekly class they have here at Wayside Village. I’ve also had a good number of the residents read some of my books. I’m just “carrying seed to sow,” or as one commentator puts it, “carrying a leaky seed bag” (Psalm 126:6). And, thanks to your prayers, work continues on the probability of having my program produced in Portuguese, for release in Brazil, and on the internet.
Here are a couple of emails received from radio listeners:
“Dear Lud, I was so happy to find you posted all of your “Getting Gods Message” on your web site and kept them there all these years. I so enjoy listening to them and reading them at the same time. I do a little Bible study with them. I just finished Revelation. There aren’t many studies on Revelation, so I especially love that, and learned some new things. I just wanted to thank you! What a blessing!
In God’s Love, Judy.”
“Thank you, Pastor Lud Golz for the book I received from you, A Call to Responsible Freedom. Thanks again for your sound Bible teaching nuggets of wisdom from Getting Gods Message on BBN internet. It brings good memories of the past and great things to look forward to walking in Jesus Grace in the present and future when we are glorified with new bodies when Jesus comes back and ushers in a new heaven and new earth.
Serving Christ with you. Missionary Pastor Ken

Here is another serendipitous encounter:
Sixty years ago my first book was published, “Walking as He Walked.” Thirty years later a couple in our church arranged to have Stephen Lungu, a native evangelist from Malawi, Africa, speak to a small group. We were not able to attend, but the next day the couple persuaded us to have lunch with him and another couple. Before lunch was served, we got acquainted and during that time I gave the couple and Stephen a copy of one of my books. As we were finishing lunch, Stephen asked me, “Have you written any other books?” I answered, “A few.” “What was the first book?” “The title was, ‘Walking as He Walked.’” I saw his face light up, so I continued, “It had footprints on a yellow cover.” “Yes! Yes! That’s it!” he said excitedly.
Then he explained his sad, but ultimately exciting life story. At the age of 8 his mother abandoned him. As a street kid he slept under a bridge and ate and dressed with what he found in garbage cans. He joined a gang and became its leader. Eventually he became a terrorist freedom fighter. His group thought of bombing an evangelistic tent meeting, but while going in to investigate it, God captured his heart and he was miraculously saved. He was so transformed he told everyone he encountered. A missionary watched him and soon invited him to become the first student in a Bible School he was starting. Stephen had not gone to school so he couldn’t read or write. But patiently and persistently the missionary discipled him.
Stephen became so effective as an evangelist, the missionary decided to teach him English so he could reach a larger audience. At this point in his testimony to us he said, “As I was learning to read English the missionary gave me your book, the first English book I ever read. God used it to help me grow. I have it all underlined and have used the material in my counseling and preaching ministry.”
Since we met twenty-five years ago his ministry grew to the point he became known as the Billy Graham of Africa. He eventually became the President of the Mission he served under, The African Enterprise. Recently he died and went to heaven to embrace and worship His Savior, Jesus Christ, and receive his reward. In this serendipitous encounter we learn again, LITTLE IS MUCH WHEN GOD IS IN IT!