Update from Lud and Mur, November ’19

November 6th, 2019

We trust the following experiences will encourage you to make the most of this Thanksgiving season to share Jesus Christ with others and also to express your thanksgiving to God for all the blessings you receive from Him.

What a privilege I had a few Sunday’s ago to baptize a dear friend. John was introduced to me about a year ago. Though growing up in the home of a pastor/Bishop and involved in church most of his life he came to realize something very important had eluded him – a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally this 85 year old gentleman took that step of faith, followed by obedience to declare it through baptism. This is what he wrote me afterword: “Many, many thanks to you and others for being in my life at this juncture on earth. You’ve shown and witnessed how our Lord Jesus Christ is the center of your lives. Whatever comes to you and each of those you love is a result of his living, dying and overcoming death for each of us. The transformation I experienced through baptism was almost immediate for me. Through continued fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ I’ll continue to dedicate my life as a child/soldier to Jesus Christ. In Christ, John.” To view a video of the baptism copy this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ixqtz5VZuuP6xE8x6

What a privilege is ours to share life with folk like John. In addition, God continues to allow us to share over radio and the internet. Here is some communication with a radio listener:

I am writing to you seeking a transcript of a wonderful reading I heard when I turned on the radio as I got into my car. I facilitate a cancer Ministry at my church and I wanted to share it with the group. Would you by chance have a copy of this reading? If so it would be such a blessing to me and so many more. Thank you in advance for your help. Trusting in His faithfulness, Lori
I emailed her directions for getting the script of the program in my website. This is her response:
Dear Pastor Lud, Thank you so, so much for your quick reply and guidance. I work late hours so was just able to sign onto your link and find the transcript. As you can imagine, those walking the difficult journey of cancer are encouraged when reminded how God is in control of everything and walks with us, carrying us at times, on the most difficult days. I am so excited to share your teaching with my group. Blessings to you for your dedication to the Lord and encouragement through your words. Trusting in God’s faithfulness & celebrating His grace always,