Easter Update

March 29th, 2018

We are home again after experiencing answers to your prayers for safe travel and God’s enabling power in speaking to the staff of the Bible Broadcast Network. I almost blew it that morning, March 12. I left early for the BBN headquarters. It was dark, windy and pouring rain. Since the drive was less than 10 minutes I left the motel, turned left and started driving in rush hour traffic. After about 10 minutes I didn’t recognize landmarks from the night before, so pulled over and consulted my cell phone GPS, only to find out I was heading in the wrong direction. After another two miles to turn around, I called a friend on staff to let them know I was on my way. I got there just in time to give my message. I started by sharing how I had trusted my own instincts. Belatedly, I checked my GPS. I was lost, but fortunately found out how to get back on track. I pointed out, when we go out into our world trusting our own instincts we often get lost, going in the wrong direction. We need to consult our spiritual GPS, the Bible, to get back on track and in harmony with God’s plan. Only then can God bless our efforts at serving Him. It was embarrassing, but turned out to be a good illustration to introduce my message. God was faithful. Many shared how they appreciated the message. Thanks again for your prayers. I mean it when I say, I need your prayer support!
Mur and I enjoyed spending a few days with the southern contingent of our family. We look forward to spending Easter with our family in Chicago/Wheaton. Please pray for safe travel.

Here is a note from a listener to the program:
Pastor Golz, I often hear you in your 9.05am slot on BBN Radio (Charlotte), and appreciate your Christ-centeredness in opening the Word. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness to Him as a wonderful evangel of Christ.
In His grace, J.M., Publishing Consultant / Editorial Director