Recent highlights

September 22nd, 2017

Thanks so much for your prayers. Preaching at Chesterland Baptist Church, participation in the installation of Luke Rosenberger as new pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church and a renewal of vows ceremony for friends went well. Much personal ministry during these summer months has been encouraging. Mur’s Women’s Bible Class is starting up again this week. I will soon be recording Getting God’s Message program number 8,000!!! Just think of how many lives have been touched over the years. What a privilege it’s been, and continues to be.
Our trip south to rest and visit family also went well even though my cold continued to dog me. In spite of that we got to see most of our family’s southern contingent. After that trip we also had a brief visit with some of our family in Wheaton. Our daughters also visited two times, once to take Mur for a visit to Toronto, and again for my birthday.
While in Charlotte I spoke in chapel at the Bible Broadcasting Network. It went well. It’s great to spend time with the major network carrying my program in four languages all over the world. Those translating and producing the Chinese version shared how much they themselves were getting out of the studies. Please keep praying for those producing the program in these other languages that they will be guided and anointed by the Holy Spirit. Each of you who pray and give toward the ministry play a vital part in this outreach. Thank you.
An email the other day stated: “This morning, 9/14/2017 at 9:00 AM on BBN I heard a short message from you about Job and his friends that he prayed for. Would it be possible to email that short message to me so I can share it with some people I know in church who have been treated very badly by other Christians. It made me so thankful to remember how God has forgiven us so much and we must forgive others as well and pray for them so that we may receive the blessings of God as Job did.
Thank you. Sandy, North Carolina”
By the way, coincidentally, while travelling from Charlotte to Cumming, Georgia, after speaking at BBN we happened to stop at Greenville, SC for a Burger King snack. When we parked we realized it was just 10 minutes before the total e-clips of the sun, which we got to witness, and even had someone parked next to us who had the right glasses which he let us use briefly. Greenville was one of the epicenters for the event. We hadn’t planned it, but God orchestrated it for us. Isn’t God good!