UPDATE! Website is up and running again

August 18th, 2017

Technology is great when it all is working, but when you get a note like this one you need to scramble to fix it.
“Hello, Your website has been down for a few days now, I suspect that something is amiss. I pray that all is well, and that the technical difficulties will soon pass, as I continue to follow along with you in through the Word in Two program and with your teaching. I sense an excitement each day as I look forward to the next reading and what the Lord will show me on that day and through your guidance. So thank you for your ministry, dedication, and perseverance. God bless, Kevin.”
I alerted my team who know what they’re doing. If you, like Kevin, couldn’t get to the archives, I trust you’ve kept on reading the Bible. We are presently finishing Nehemiah and soon will start Esther. Now you can get the current scripts to assist and encourage your reading. I hope you, like Kevin, have found the teachings helpful in this journey we’re on.
Here are a few prayer requests in addition to getting the website fully restored:
-Lud is feeling better after a bad chest cold. Please pray for full recovery.
-Lud will be speaking in the chapel service at Bible Broadcast Network headquarters on Monday, August 21.
-Lud will participate in the installation service for Luke Rosenberger to be pastor of Cornerstone Church.
-Good visit with some of our family: the southern contingent.
-Continued transitions in leadership at FBC.

Thanks so much for praying!