Praise and Prayer

January 28th, 2017

As we move forward into the New Year we are trusting God will continue to make His presence and power known in and through our lives as individual Christians, our local church, the churches of our nation and the world. Our world desperately needs such a manifestation. I’d like to share a few points for prayer and praise.
* We’ve started the “read it through in two” emphasis in our radio outreach.
* The Chinese version of the radio program has started. Note info below.
* Let’s join others in regular prayer during the first 100 days of the new administration in Washington.
* Our family is doing well in all of our respective places. Pray that will continue.
* Let us know of anything we can be praying for in your behalf.
Thanks for praying. We need it and appreciate it.
In Christian love, Lud and Mur

Dear Brother Golz, We’ve started to broadcast your program in Chinese and posted it on facebook, wechat, and other social media, informed our Bible Institute students and listeners to Getting God’s Message in Chinese called “cai jie lin liang”. It’s also available on demand so you can listen if you miss the air time: We appreciate you so much for such “easy to understand bible study” daily program. We pray God will use your message to deepen Chinese Christians’ spiritual lives around the world. May God bless you. In Christ, Pat Lee, Chinese Director, BBN圣经学院, Bible Broadcasting Network A follow up email from Pat. “Yesterday we put a short phrase of your message (Chinese-English) in our Chinese facebook. Many fans have reacted and give comment to it, it has reached 23000 people overnight, 1000 “likes”, 70 comments and 129 shares. We just want to let you know how much you have ministered to our listeners around the world.”
Dear Pastor Golz,
I listened to your Chinese program and like it very much. It’s brief but focused and in some ways interactive. Keep up the good work. Being on BBN is a great plus because BBN avertising cards are widely distributed and known among the Chinese Mandarin speaking churches in Canada. Thank you for letting me know about this broadcast I will recommend it to my church networks here in BC and also in Alberta. Blessings, Joe, Pastor in Vancouver, Canada

We are just a few days away from the Presidential Inauguration. We are asking each member to help us spread the news about USPRAY100 starting next Monday January 23, 2017. Thousands have already signed up but we still need to get the word out to your friends, family and your church.
Please visit and share the 2 minute video to your social media groups and ask your church to download and play the video next Sunday.
Let’s make this a powerful week when America supports our new President with prayer that will truly change our nation.
We need you to act now and share this information with as many as you can.
USPRAY100’s Main Page:
Thank you!
The Presidential Prayer Team
P.S. If you haven’t already, you too should sign up.